Welcome to Pink Zebra Enterprises!

Pink Zebra is an enterprise that combines our interests and talents into a single instance.

You may rightly ask why the range of items is so different, but we are very diversified and dedicated to our interests. Each aspect is an important part of of our lives, and we find it impossible to separate one part from another. This diversification can be of large value to you, our customer, due to the fact that we can use our extensive knowledge of multiple subjects to get you the services and items that best meet your need.

Please take a few minutes to explore our website. Also, we are in the process of updating it almost daily, so look for lots of changes and improvements. We will update the Blog everytime there is a major change!

Pink Zebra Computer Services is a computer support division which is able to provide all level of users day-to-day support for their information technology issues, or provide support as needed. Please see the Computer Services page for details.

Pink Zebra Farm is a division that produces purebred registered Suffolk Sheep for the serious breeder, as well as lambs for 4-H and FFA market classes. With our sheep we also produce lamb and mutton, hides, and fiber products (fleece, roving, yarn, etc.). We also have colored wool type for the natural colored fiber enthusiast. We also have a roadside stand to sell our eggs and vegetables. Please see the Farm Page for details.